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Tucker Albin & Associates understands that your business is unique. Therefore the approach we take is determined by you, the client. The financial information and other pertinent facts that we gather enable our collectors to negotiate from a position of strength.


Our highly trained recovery specialists are tenured, certified commercial debt collection experts, who are hand-picked through a very strict hiring process. When performing collection activities, they comply with all state and federal regulations.

Companies Trust Us

We pair the latest technologies with an industry-leading network of agents, attorneys and in-field investigators to provide you with the most complete, motivated, and efficient commercial debt recovery services possible. Tucker Albin & Associates is the commercial collection agency that takes the worry over past due balances out of your hands, and we turn it into peace of mind as we diligently and efficiently settle delinquent accounts.

Domestic Commercial Debt Collection Solutions

That’s commercial debt collection in your home market: we are on top of it. We use a customized approach to collections that works. Telephone contact can often be the most effective method of collecting funds. Our success ensures your business continues its success with minimized impact to your cash flow. Tucker Albin has a comprehensive and proprietary database, which we use for business debt collection. This database means your customers are already well-known to us making debt collection much more effective.

International Debt Collection Agency Resources

We have successfully collected delinquent accounts in more than 100 countries since we opened our doors. We have private investigator networks around the globe making Tucker Albin the smart choice to meet your international receivables management challenges. Several of our clients have done business internationally for quite some time. Those clients that have international claims enjoy the convenience of placing those claims just as they would domestic claims through Tucker Albin and Associates. We employ a multi-lingual staff of recovery specialists including a fully supported software system tailored to foreign collection letters, email demands, and current customs regarding the pursuit of debt in different countries.

Full Skip Tracing Capabilities

Skip tracing is a key part of any successful receivables management organization, essential in locating responsible parties & properly making demand. This feature is part of our service and is performed at no additional cost to our clients. You need to know the best way to get your money back. During our investigation, we’ll discover hidden assets, crucial business information, and more to determine if you debtor has the resources to pay. If they don’t, we’ll also help you determine if litigation is a financial dead-end.

Diplomatic Debt-Mediation

Commercial Collections for preserving relationships–This less aggressive approach is ideal for the situation where the customer relationship is to be preserved. This approach more appropriate where a long-term customer is involved, or where there is a personal relationship with the customer. It is also commonly used where the customer is paying current invoices but has neglected past due amounts. It could be characterized as a modification of existing billing policy where diplomacy is key.

Commercial Debt Litigation

An aggressive approach where debt is past 90 days, or where bankruptcy is an issue. A last resort for collections to be used where the amount due is significant and other approaches to recovery are not likely be successful. Our network of over 500 attorneys in all jurisdictions, working on a contingency fee basis, are ready to step in if litigation is necessary.

All services are on a contingency basis. We don’t get paid unless you get paid. A win-win for all.

Business Credit Reports

Many of our clients have expressed an increasing interest in the business credit report aspect of our service. We have our very own proprietary business credit checking service. Many areas of any particular business are included in our business credit reports. Some of the most popular features:

  • Bankruptcy Searches
  • Liens & Judgments Search
  • Corporate Filings
  • Risk Score
  • UCC-1 Filings

Collection Rates

Our rates depend on the debt, like the age and amount owed. Unlike attorneys (who charge up front and take months or years to get your money if at all) we work strictly on a contingency basis which means if we don’t collect, it doesn’t cost you a dime. In plainer words, we’re working for free unless we recover your money.

They Don’t Think You’re Owed and The Check’s Probably Not In The Mail

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