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Diplomatic Mediation

Our collection methodologies always serve the ultimate goal of retaining strong client relationships while coming to an amicable agreement on past due balances.


Debt Litigation Services

We have access to a network of over 500 attorneys and private investigators in the event a dispute cannot be resolved by any other means.


International Asset Recovery

Our affiliations with agencies and attorneys across the globe allow us to assist you with recoveries no matter what part of the world collection services are needed.

Why choose us?

We pair state-of-the-art technologies with an industry-leading network of agents, attorneys and investigators to provide you with the most complete, motivated, and efficient commercial collection services possible. We're the commercial collection agency that will take the worry over past due balances out of your hands, and we will turn it into peace of mind as we diligently and efficiently settle delinquent accounts.

Collection Agency guarantee: No fee unless money is recovered.

We strive to collect as much of your money as possible, and we only do so with the utmost professionalism and respect for your clients.

Experience and Expertise

Our collection agency has 150 years of combined experience in this industry, with our least experienced agent having practiced for nearly two decades. We have been involved with every type of debt collection out there and we have developed and perfected the best recovery practices for each situation.

Tact: The key differentiator for consummate professionals.

Tucker Albin collects more commercial debt and we do it faster than other agencies, but more importantly, we do it while maintaining your reputation and integrity.

Collection Law Compliance

Speed is important, but even more so is abiding by all collection laws and regulations as we represent your company throughout the recovery process. All of our agents are active members in both FDCPA and FCRA, and we continually educate ourselves in current compliance rules.

Recovery Speed: We turn collections into payouts.

We get your money to you faster than any commercial collection agency in the industry. We thrive on good customer relationships, so we strive for open communication and transparent practices.

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